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2015 Rare & Vintage Books

A list of rare and vintage books selected from library donations.

2015 Fall Festival Book Sale

Attention Book Lovers!

This year the Friends will offer two sales. Our regular (and always very popular) book sale will be held in the lower level of the library offering well over 10,000 categorized books on nearly every topic, for book lovers of all ages. This year we’ll have an unusual number of cookbooks, craft and how-to books, and religion books (many out of print). As always, there will be a large selection of newer fiction and mystery books. The children’s section is well stocked and beautifully organized. Prices are amazing! Most hard cover and trade size soft cover books are $1; pocket paperbacks are 50¢: most children’s books are 25¢.

The second sale, a Rare and Vintage Book Sale, will be a must for all book lovers, collectors and dealers. This sale, held in the first floor meeting room, will feature the many, many interesting, rare and/or vintage books that have been donated to the library recently. These categorized books and sets are specially priced, but will be much less expensive than you would find them at online sites (typically only 5 – 25% of asked prices for similar books).

Rare & Vintage Books

A list of rare and vintage books selected from library donations

Featured –

  • Extensive Michigan book display
  • Wide selection of Religion books (many titles out-of-print)
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, first edition, first printing
  • The Origin of the Species, fifth edition, 1869
  • Folks I Knowed and Horses They Rode, Lance Phillips, 1975
  • California Surfriders, Doc Ball, limited first edition #134, 1946
  • King of the Royal Mounted in Arctic Law, graphic book, Zane Grey
  • Alice in Wonderland in Gregg Shorthand
  • Through Hell with Hiprah Hunt, Arthur Young, original 1901 edition
  • Grow Rich!...With Peace of Mind, Napoleon Hill, 1967 first edition
  • Structural Preservation & Adaptive Reuse of Michigan Barns, Dandekar Darvus & MacDonald, 1993
  • Memoirs of Lenawee County, Volume II, original 1909 edition
  • Recollections and Reminiscences 1861-1865 through WWI, volume 7, first edition
  • They Died by Twos and Tens, Hafendorfer, 1995 first edition
  • Daryl’s Ambitious Card Omnibus
  • Stanyon’s Magic, 3 volume set, limited printing
  • Nun of Kenmare, an autobiography, Mary Francis Cusack, first edition, 1889
  • Nicoll’s Dream Psychology, 1917

Categories –

  • Biographies
  • Children
  • Classics (literature, music & the arts)
  • Collectibles – pamphlets, collectible magazines, newspapers, posters, sheet music
  • Fiction – lots
  • Foreign Language
  • Health/Medical/Psychology
  • Homemaking – Cookbooks, etc.
  • Michigan
  • Miscellaneous – the most interesting books of all!
  • Reference/History/Geography/School
  • Religion – many titles out-of-print
  • Sets – Harvard Classics; Nelson’s Encyclopedia in thirty volumes 1943; The Illustrated Library of the Natural Sciences in four volumes 1958; The Great Ideas Program in ten volumes; International Wildlife Encyclopedia in 25 volumes; Harold Nicolson 3 volume set; Childcraft books and more…
  • Technical Topics
  • War/Military – Civil War, World War I and II, and more…